Coating Pricing

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ItemPrice Per CoatAdd Clear CoatDormant/TranslucentNotes
Bolts: Clean & rust-free$1.00 Each-$2.50 Each-
Bolts: Greasy & rusty@2.50 Each-$5.00 Each-
Brackets: 1" - 3" (no masking)$10.00$15.00$20.00-
Brackets: 4" - 12" (no masking)$15.00$20.00$25.00-
Brackets: 12"+Priced individually---
BumpersFrom $150.00---
CalipersFrom $100.00 EachRecom--
Differential Cover (stamped steel)$35.00---
Intakes: 4-cylinder tube styleStarting at $150--Does not include hot tank charge.
Intakes: V6 / V8Starting at $150--Does not include hot tank charge.
Intakes: Cold air$65.00 Each$75.00$100.00-
Intercooler Tube SetsFrom $150.00--Additional cost for weld smoothing.
PulliesFrom $35.00---
Transmission CasesFrom $350.00--Does not include hot tank charge.
Aluminum Valve Covers: 4-cylinder$150Requires hot tank
Valve Covers: V6 / V8 (Stamped Steel)$100 Set
Wheels: Steel$85 ea.$125 ea.Does not include dismount / M+B
Wheels: Aluminum Starting at $100 ea.
Wheel Prices Vary Greatly
Please Call for individual Pricing.
Add 50%Does not include dismount / M+B
Additional ChargesSmall PartsLarge Parts
Hot Tank$25.00$50.00
Dismount, Mount & Balance Tires100 (4)200 (4)
Welding, Fabrication / Metal SmoothingQuoted per instance
Bearing removal, grease + grime cleaning, sticker peeling, parts disassembling100/hr
ItemSingle Stage Color Sandblasting included in price unless otherwise stated.
Full Motorcycle Frame (steel - hardtail)250Add 150 - Burn and Blast
Full Motorcycle Frame (steel - soft tail) Includes swingarm300Add 150 - Burn and Blast
Streetbike Frame (steel) does not include swingarm200Add 150 - Burn and Blast
Streetbike Frame (aluminum) does not include swingarm150Add 150 - Blast
Quad Frame (steel) Does not include swingarm300Add 150 - Burn and Blast
Spoked - Coated assembled150ea.
Bare Aluminum (New)100ea.
Bare Aluminum (used and oxidized)125 ea.Add $25 Blasting
Painted / Powder Coated Aluminum 125 ea.Blasting Billed at $60/hr
Chromed AluminumQuoted on individual basis
Bare Barrels50 ea.
Disassembled Spoked wheelsQuoted on individual basis,
Assume 200+ ea.
Hubs35+ ea
Engine / Trans
Derby Cover35
Primary Cover75
Cylinder Head100+
Rocker Box (3pc)65
Pushrod Tubes (4pc)35
Air Cleaner25
Engine Case200+
Battery box + Base40
Bolts / washers1-2.50 ea.
Brake Pedal25
Belt Guard40
Coil Bracket15
Pegs (individual)15
Lower Legs100/set
Handlebar Clamps35
Headlights / Trim RIngs25-100
Kick Stand20
Sissy Bar35-50
Sprocket35-50 ea.
Strut Cover Ser50
Tripple Trees100
Crash Bar 75
Additional ChargesPrice
Disassembly$75.00 per hour
Dismount & Remount Tires$25.00 per tire
Heavy Duty Cleaning / Degreasing$35.00 minimum
Valve & Spring Removal$35.00
Basic Sandblasting is included with bicycle pricing.  Any Sandblasting that exceeds 30 minutes per bicycle frame will incur additional charges.
Frame - Steel NOT RECOMMENDED200
Frame - Aluminum 1 Piece200
Frame - Aluminum 2 Piece 250
Handlebars 35-50
Long Tube Headers300
Shorty Headers200
Cast Iron Manifold (8cyl)200
Manifold / Headers: 4-cylinder150-200
Diesel Stacks Set250+
Exhaust System400+
Cobra Side Pipes450
Turbo Hot Side150
Motorcycle Exhaust
Full Size300+
Heat Sheilds100

Additional charges may occur for the following services:

  • Same-day completion (must be arranged ahead of time)
  • Clear coat
  • Primer base coat (included with Marine pricing)
  • Splatter painting
  • Blending colors
  • Masking multiple colors
  • Special order colors