Ceramic Coating

What is Ceramic Coating?

High temperature ceramic coating offers
a perfect solution for metal finishing of items
exposed to extreme temperatures.

How Ceramic Coating Works

Ceramic coating is a liquid sprayed coating applied at Shoreline Coatings in CT which has extreme temperature stability and is ideal for high temperature applications like exhaust manifolds, headers, and turbochargers. The coating provides a thermal barrier between the hot exhaust gasses and the exhaust, dissipating heat away from the engine and right out the tailpipe which results in lower and more reliable engine temperature, longer component life, improved exhaust heat flow and ultimately more horsepower – but best of all – a great looking exhaust!

Ceramic Coating Applications

Ceramic coatings can be applied in 2 ways – “Line of sight” which works well as a dress up with improved heat dissipation capabilities. This means that the coating will be applied to all visible areas of the header. This keeps the heat inside of the metal of the primaries and inside exhaust, resulting in lower engine compartment temperatures. Ceramics can also be applied to the entire length of the inside of the primaries, providing the best thermal barrier possible. This is more expensive and recommended for race specific applications.

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