Media Blasting Applications

Media Blasting Solution

Shoreline Coatings, LLC is Connecticut’s PREMIER media blasting shop! We can pick-up, handle, store and deliver large and small jobs alike.

Shoreline Coating is a full service media blasting and powder coat paint shop. Our shop is fully equipped to blast with all the various medias we offer ranging from sand to crushed glass to plastic media. We have the ability to handle all types of things from large pieces of equipment down to lawn furniture. We offer pickup and delivery services.

Automotive Frames and Bodies

Having effective and efficient blasting equipment is a necessity for any auto and truck restoration project. Both commercial operations and basic DIY car and truck enthusiasts recognize the value of a well restored vehicle. Media blasting will save both time and money while removing pits and rust spots on the vehicle. Media blasting will get those hard to reach areas and remove road grime and gunk from areas such as the undercarriage.

Lawn Furniture

Because it spends almost all its time outdoors, metal lawn furniture is susceptible to the ravages of rust and corrosion. Regular maintenance and painting will solve most issues related to rust, but with severely corroded furniture, it’s often best to remove all the paint and refinish the furniture.Abrasive sand blasting will get the job done when removing large areas of rust.

Rails and Railings

Much like lawn furniture, rails and railings are exposed to the elements outside causing rust and erosion. Sometimes the best way to maintain your railings is to completely strip the paint off and start fresh. Media blasting will remove paint and large areas of rust to prepare the railings for a new paint job. Shoreline Coating can take care of metal railings both small and large saving you time and money.

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