Powder Coating Colors

Standard High Gloss Colors

Single stage powders that do not require a top coat.
TIP: For extra durability and color depth, we recommend our SUPER durable powder clear coat.

Super Mirror Black

Super Mirror Red

Super Mirror Orange

Super Mirror Yellow

Super Mirror Blue

Super Mirror White

International Red

Dolly Pink

Racer Green

Safety Yellow

Robin’s Egg

Ox Blood

Illusion (Dormant) Colors

Two-stage colors which spring to life after being top-coated with a clear powder coat.

Dormant Blue

Dormant Light Blue Sparkle

Dormant Granny Smith Green

Dormant Purple

Dormant Orange

Dormant Red

Candy Colors

Candy Blue

Candy Purple

Candy Teal

Corkey Pink

Shocker Yellow

Candy Gold

Candy Green

Candy Raspberry

Candy Red

Black Chrome

Flat Black Chrome

Anodized Blue

Metallic Flake

Colors with a metallic flake that must be top-coated with a high gloss clear.
Depending on the base metal, a base coat of chrome may be necessary.

Rad Misty Midnight

Chameleon Teal

Chameleon Sapphire

Pastel Blue Sparkle

Starburst Lime

Chameleon Cherry

Flaming Gold

Metallic Bronze

Columbia Gold

Rainbow Black

Metallic Silvers

Powder Chrome

Anodized Aluminum

Heavy Silver

Gun Metal Gray

Super Durable Powder Clear Coat

Black Colors

After years of industry testing and application we’ve created a 6 color system of varying gloss and
texture levels for black colors ranging from mirror reflective gloss to a matte textured finish.

Mirror Black

Semigloss Black

Satin Black

Matte Black

Matte Texture Black

Wrinkle Black


Black Mini Texture

Black Super Texture

Blasted Nickel

Antogan Texture

Silver Texture


Wrinkle Black

Wrinkle Red

Light Wrinkle Blue

Veins (Hammertones)

Silver Bronze Vein

Copper Vein

Moonwalk Vein

Off-White River

Overstock / Extra Colors

We are currently updating our database of colors for this category. Please check back soon.
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RAL Colors

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