Media Blasting for Powder Coating Removal

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Media blasting is an effective method for powder coating removal on all metal types. Media blasting removes all or a portion of a cured powder coating from the surface of a part without causing damage. this technique is gentle to the surface of the powder coated objects and environmentally friendly. Shoreline Coatings uses a variety of industrial media blasting solutions each with their own strengths and weaknesses. The best method will depend on the type of metal the powder coating has been applied to.  Shoreline Coatings, LLC has the technical expertise necessary to decide which method best fits your application. This expertise comes from experience and hours of testing to ensure we can give a fully educated evaluation.

Although reliable and easy to apply, powder coatings have been both a blessing and a curse to the manufacturers of many industrial components. Industrial Powder coating produces an incredibly durable finish which can be difficult and costly to remove when a part needs re-coating. Several stripping methods are used to remove powder coatings from parts.

Plastic Media Blasting Applications

Plastic media blasting was first used for stripping aircraft components but today the media blasting industry has found a wide variety of uses for plastic media blasting. Pot metal castings and the intricate cast-in artwork on them also are a good example. Plastic media blasting is perfect for cast-aluminum patio furniture which requires stipping before powder coating.The original coating is resistant to chemical stripper, and the hours of hand cleaning required would be expensive. A more abrasive media such as sand or glass would leave marks on the surface as well as destroy any details in the casting. With plastic media blasting, the old coating is quickly removed and the casting detail is effectively cleaned without leaving marks on the surface.

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